A Statement From Leigh Centurions Owner Derek Beaumont

Whilst enjoying my holiday with my family I have today, at extremely short notice, had it brought to my attention that Featherstone Rovers would announce the signing of Martyn Ridyard.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Martyn has joined Featherstone as I had discussed a season long loan for him with (Featherstone Rovers chairman) Mark Campbell at the end of the season before the Qualifiers as he was very keen on him as was Duffs (head coach John Duffy).

Indeed I had tried to facilitate a move on loan there at the end of last season but understandably he chose to stay in Super League with Huddersfield.

What has disappointed me is that I have not been informed of this situation having been in discussions regarding Martyn’s contract at the Club, given his reputation and long standing commitment to the Club and the sensitivity surrounding that. I had been informed that he was on holiday and it would be considered further on his return by his professional advisors.

I don’t blame Martyn for getting the best he can from the game. It is a short career and no doubt the amount of game-time available, as well as the contract value would have tipped the scales, but it is a shame for such a story to break without us being informed by the player or his representative but rather by his new club informing us at very short notice out of so called courtesy.

It is common practice to do joint releases, as you will note from all of those we have announced involving other clubs, in order that a release is made either jointly or at least at the same time, which is normally done once all official business is concluded properly.

Indeed, being respectful to Martyn and in order to conclude our business with him, I have held back announcing a quality addition to our halves, such are our intentions.

I only make comment on this from my holiday as it is such a big thing in my book for our Club and our fans and it is unfortunate it hasn’t been dealt with in a more courteous way and given I don’t like to shirk questions on social media and want to enjoy my evening I thought it appropriate to comment.

Furthermore in light of this announcement it is now no longer appropriate to withhold our signing and that will be announced at 6pm this evening via our usual channels.

Yours in sport.

Derek Beaumont.

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