A Statement From Derek Beaumont

Further to the various issues raised on social media regarding the restrictions on entering the Leigh Sports Village Stadium with food and drink the Club make the following statement:

Leigh Centurions are tenants of the Stadium which is operated by Leigh Sports Village to a very high standard associated with modern day stadia. We work closely in support of one another by way of a partnership and therefore mutually support the guidelines which are implemented by such quality stadiums throughout the country.

Prior to the season starting we released the Stadium Policy regarding accessing with food and drink which was made available throughout our various media channels.

As part of the partnership with LSV we mutually benefit from the kiosk sales in the ground and therefore are mindful of activities that reduce that income. To this end we supported the policy that prevented spectators bringing their own food and drink into the stadium.

It was always part of the policy that this would not extend to spectators with specific dietary or medical needs.

However, based upon letters we have received from some spectators and having shared them with Leigh Sports Village it was quickly agreed that it is necessary to apply special circumstances to the policy which has been implemented with immediate effect.

Any spectator that feels special circumstances should be applied to them is required to detail those circumstances in writing to enquiries@leighsportsvillage.co.uk or alternatively by post to the stadium reception.

All reasonable requests will be considered jointly between Leigh Sports Village and the Club in a timely manner and communicated by return.

Where exemption of a particular item is granted this will be provided in writing and ground stewards will be aware of what to accept, so as not to delay or cause issues upon entry.

I would like to apologise to those people who were inconvenienced prior to this amendment and thank all our spectators for their support of the Club and its business needs which ultimately provide for one of the best facilities in the game which is a huge asset to the Club and in particular its entry to Super League.

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