Centurions To Hold Bucket Collection In Support Of Two Hips One Knee Fundraiser This Sunday

This Sunday at the Leigh Centurions Vs Widnes game, there will be a bucket collection on behalf of the Two Hips One Knee Fundraiser.

Rosey McNally, the wife of Leigh Centurions star and crowd favourite Gregg McNally suffers from Avascular necrosis (AVN).

AVN is a condition that happens when there is loss of blood to the bone. Because bone is living tissue that requires blood, an interruption to the blood supply causes bone to die. If not stopped, AVN can cause the bone to collapse. AVN can find itself in any joint but the most common are hips, knees, ankles and shoulders.

Rosey has already had one hip replaced, a procedure which the NHS were unable to offer due to her age and for which in excess of £10,000 was raised to complete, but in order to be free of AVN Rosey needs another new hip and a new knee.

Leigh Centurions urge supporters to dig deep and donate to this cause, in order to get Rosey the surgery she needs.


Tickets for Sunday’s Betfred Championship clash with Widnes Vikings remain on sale at the ticket office and at www.leightickets.co.uk.

Get your tickets posted out for a nominal 61p charge (postal cut off is 4:30pm on Thursday).


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