Further to the previous statement inviting season ticket holders and sponsors to request a refund I can confirm that the Club is overwhelmed by the support shown by its loyal sponsors and supporters and the messages of support displayed on social media.

As at the deadline, a total of 113 requests had been made (mixed refund and credit note) giving a clear indication of support of the Club. The operational board understands the differing circumstances of individual situations and therefore, given the low number of requests, has decided to deal with the refund requests by way of a prompt cash refund, where requested, on the basis that we believe those who have requested a refund have only done so because their circumstances dictate this and therefore receiving the cash will assist them during these difficult times.

The Club will contact all those who made contact and request any information required to facilitate this and also to provide the relevant credit note. We hope to have refunded all fans before this time next week.

Club owner Derek Beaumont said: “I am overwhelmed by the support of our fans and sponsors and this will be the making of the Club and guarantees my continued investment. The Club will now give the RFL the green light that Leigh Centurions wishes to take part in the Autumn competition and will also, with permission from the RFL, stream the games live to its season ticket holders that have not been refunded and also make available the games on a pay-per-view basis to non-season ticket holders.

“More importantly, I have today signed a Super League player and given John Duffy the green light to extend contracts of the existing squad along with confirmed offers for additional players to replace two we have lost and further strengthen the team.

“There are now exciting times ahead for Leigh Centurions and it is purely based on the support shown by the sponsors and season ticket holders that this is the route we will take.

“There won’t be much over at the end of the season with the draw down from costs but I will invest what I haven’t had to this season, along with what I would have done next season, giving us a boost to the playing budget. Quite simply I am leaving my money in, as the fans have chosen to for this year.

“There are some interesting players available at present and John is buzzing with the call he has just taken from me. It would be inappropriate to report on the players who have moved on, or the latest signing in this release.

“Separate details in conjunction with the clubs concerned will be released in the coming days along with news of our signings of existing and new players as they happen.

“There’s never been a better time to be a Leyther.”