Picture by Ash Allen/SWpix.com - 19/05/2019 - Rugby League - Betfred Championship Summer Bash 2019 - Leigh Centurions v Widnes Vikings - Bloomfield Road, Blackpool, England - Leigh Centurions fans celebrate as their team wins.

Leigh Centurions are giving their 2021 season ticket holders an opportunity to select the home and away kit designs for the 2021 season over the course of the next few days.

The choice in both categories will be revealed on Wednesday 16 December – the scheduled day when the independent panel reach their decision as to who will be the 12th team to enter the Betfred Super League in 2021.

The kit cannot be finalised before then as the Betfred Super League and Betfred Championship have different kit logos.

Leigh Centurions’ new official kit supplier, Ellgren have submitted five alternative designs for the home kit and away kit that the team could wear in 2021.

Keen supporter Oliver Wilcock, a qualified graphic designer, also contacted the Club a few weeks ago and submitted his own designs asking if the Club would consider them.

As a result, the operational board decided to engage the Club’s most loyal fans to select their favourite choice of home and away kit and to create some topic for discussion as we eagerly await the panel’s announcement, building nicely towards it.

This initial vote is available to all those supporters who have purchased a season ticket for the 2021 season before midnight on Wednesday 9 December.

The grand final vote is extended to include all supporters who have purchased a 2021 season ticket by 9am on Monday 14 December.

One vote per season ticket holder in each round using the email account associated with your season ticket purchase. Any vote from an email address not uploaded to the season ticket database for 2021 will not be counted. The designs will be posted on the Club’s official website. All kit designs are copyright of Leigh Centurions, Ellgren and Oliver Wilcock and cannot be copied, removed or decimated to be displayed on any other platform, whether in part or in full.

The timetable is as follows:

Up for consideration: 5 home and 5 away designs from Ellgren; 5 home and 5 away designs from Oliver Wilcock.


Thursday 10 December at 9am- Oliver’s Designs for the Leigh Centurions Army will be revealed on the club website.

These will be titled Home1 to Home5 and Away1 to Away5.

Season ticket holders can vote by email for the Oliver Home and Away kit design of their choice by email to: Kit2021@leighrl.co.uk

The vote opens at 9am on 10 December and the closing time for this vote is midnight on Friday 11 December.

Saturday 12 December at 9am- Ellgren’ s designs will be revealed on the Club’s website.

These will be titled Home1 to Home5 and Away1 to Away5

Season ticket holders can vote by email for the Ellgren Home and Away kit design of their choice by email to: Kit2021@leighrl.co.uk

The vote opens at 9am on 12 December and the closing time for this vote is midnight on Sunday 13 December.

On Monday 14 December at 9am- The top two choices in each category will be revealed.

Home- Oliver winner and Ellgren winner

Away- Oliver winner and Ellgren winner

All previous votes will be discounted and the competition reset at zero.

Any registered 2021 season ticket holder (as at 9am on Monday 14 December) can vote for the Home and Away kit design of their choice by email to: Kit2021@leighrl.co.uk

One vote per season ticket holder for the Home kit.

One vote per season ticket holder for the Away kit.

The deadline for votes is 3pm on Tuesday 15 December. The winning designs will then be formulated onto the Ellgren templates with both the Betfred Championship and Betfred Super League badges ready for release once the Club’s position is known. The deadline is set earlier as there may be some aspects that the club wishes to carry across a design in respect of badges or internal tags etc and this permits time to do so.

On Wednesday 16 December, as soon as the 12th club for Betfred Super League is revealed, Leigh Centurions will reveal our Home and Away kit designs for 2021 with the appropriate logo. The selected kits will then enter production with Ellgren and pre orders will be taken with a voucher that can be used to present as a gift for Christmas.

In addition, to mark the 100th and 50th anniversaries of Leigh winning the Challenge Cup in both 1921 and 1971, the Club are also having a special Heritage Kit for the Challenge Cup and AB Sundecks 1895 Cup in 2021. Further details of this kit will be announced shortly.

Club owner Derek Beaumont commented: “I am really excited by the fresh approach from Ellgren and the quality of their training kit we have already received. When Oliver contacted us with some professionally provided designs it gave the board the idea of the competition as it befitted the time and efforts he had made off his own back to promote himself.

“It has been a dour year for our fans with nothing to really support, despite having largely left their money in the Club, so hopefully this will give them something to have a little banter and discussion around. No doubt it will also invoke some friendly banter and rivalry from other clubs which can only be good for the game.

“I would like to thank Jason Huyton and Aaron Adams of the operational board for their hard work in these difficult times for again drawing a fantastic range of sponsors and financial support, many remaining in support of the club despite having had a cancelled season and not taking a refund.

“It really is inspiring and greatly appreciated and I would urge our loyal supporters and business owners to repay that loyalty by looking to support those businesses where possible.

“It goes without saying our season ticket holders have been amazing with their stance, all of which puts us in a great position.

“As I have said previously, we are committed to controlling what we can. Our goal is to be in Super League in 2022. The 16 December decision doesn’t change that; it determines whether that is by promotion from the Championship in 2021 or ensuring we survive in Super League in 2021.

“Either way the goal is the same and one we have a single minded and determined approach towards. I look forward to seeing the winning designs and the fun reaching those decisions.”

Leigh Centurions are Betfred Super League Ready!