Leigh Centurions have issued the following statement, reiterating the Club’s season ticket entry policy.

Owner Derek Beaumont stated: “As previously stated, the Club will only be granting access during socially distanced crowds to season ticket holders. This position will not change until Government guidelines release social distance restrictions.

“The reason for this has been stated in a previous release which can be found here…

The initial release on 3 November 2020 was: https://leighrl.co.uk/wp/v2/blog/2020/11/03/leigh-centurions-launch-season-tickets-for-2021/

The Return of Fans to Leigh Sports Village Stadium policy was clearly stated on 25 February 2021:


Details of OurLeague coverage for season ticket holders was issued on 25 March 2021:


“Season ticket holders will also benefit from OurLeague coverage of games home and away that are behind closed doors and with the Club’s next three rounds behind closed doors, Castleford, Salford and St Helens. It would be remiss of me not to make it clear that only season ticket holders will be granted access, as anyone waiting on the return of crowds for Round 6 against Wigan who then decide to purchase a season ticket will have missed out on watching those games on OurLeague which are not available any other way.

“The rights to broadcast Super League games belong to Sky Sports and we are extremely grateful that they have permitted OurLeague to broadcast games to season ticket holders. This move has assisted the clubs by giving value to the purchase of a season ticket with no certainty of what games they would be able to attend.

“Whilst the Club can see this causing frustration to non season ticket holders who would want to purchase on a game by game basis, even if possible to do so, it would not be fair to those who have purchased a season ticket in advance. Their purchase has enabled the Club to have certainty to be able to build the squad it has. Had no season tickets been bought and therefore no knowledge of any income then it could not have done so.

“It should also be pointed out that many families who have multiple season tickets that will be watching the game on the same TV will have made a significant payment if it was to be calculated per game.

“There is a significant expense to the Club allowing crowds that are socially distanced but it is only right we absorb that in return for the tremendous support we have had from our season ticket holders without whom we would not be in the position we are. It would be disrespectful to them to allow someone to just purchase an individual ticket during social distanced guidelines which wouldn’t cover the costs borne and would place the Club at risk of not ensuring compliance with measures it believes it should strictly follow to provide the safest environment possible for its spectators.

“I understand this causes issues for some but the whole pandemic causes challenges in many different ways. I just wouldn’t want to be one who misses out on watching the games v Castleford, Salford and Saints on OurLeague to then buy a season ticket to watch the Wigan game live in LSV unhappy that I would have bought it earlier had I known I needed to buy it and in doing so would have got to see the three games so I thought I should spell it out now.”