Following the Centurions 58-6 victory over Workington Town in the latest round of the Betfred Championship, we spoke to John Asiata:

John, we’ve registered another relentless victory here at LSV this afternoon. A 13-try victory made it seven wins on the bounce. what’s your immediate reaction after that one?

JA: “I think it’s amazing how consistent we’ve been over the last couple of weeks. We’re a squad that’s very new and we’re still building every day, every week and that’s the focus for us.

“You don’t win championships in the early stages of the year. We want to build towards that and that’s what we’re doing at the moment.”

We’re really starting to go up the gears at the moment and really putting on some impressive performances. Can you feel that we’re beginning to gel as a team and some of those combinations on the field are really starting to come together?

JA: “I think the camaraderie within the group at the moment is very good considering we are a new team. Everyone is buying into what we want to do here at the club. We set our goals early in the year and right now we’re heading in the right direction.

“Everyone knows what their job is and we’re all working hard for each other. It’s all about you know what you do for me on the team, on the field and that’s what we’re showing. It is not the fancy thing that’s getting us over the line, it’s those little efforts we put in for each other.”

You’ll have faced off against him numerous times in the NRL but how good was Blake Ferguson on his debut today? What sort of impact will have e going into the second half of the season?

JA: “His experience is going to bring a lot to the team. Both our wingers out on the field have done a lot in the game. We got Kris and Fergo – they’ve both played international footy, one for the Kiwis, one played for Australia. Their voices on the field are gonna impact us a lot especially with them being able to see more of the field.

“I didn’t doubt that he was gonna score today, I knew they were going to score a few tries today. We all got to see the backflip so that’s very good too! He’s who brings a lot of entertainment and so does everyone else in our backline, so it’s looking pretty good.”

For you personally, you are putting in strong performances week in and week out this season. How much are you enjoying your rugby and being a Centurion this season?

JA: “I’m enjoying my rugby a lot. Over the last couple of years, I’ve had a lot of injuries – some people think you won’t come back from. I’ve had neck, and knee problems – the lot. Coming here was all about trying to get that fire back and find that love for the game again. That’s what I’m doing at the moment.

“I feel no pressure, it’s just about having fun and enjoying my rugby. I haven’t enjoyed playing this much since 2015 when I won the NRL with NQ Cowboys! It’s a good vibe and I’m enjoying it and I know myself there if I’m enjoying footy and you know life off the field I play at my best.”

We’re going into the final week as we prepare to face off against Featherstone for the first bit of silverware this season. What’s the feeling in the camp ahead of this massive game?

JA: “The feelings pretty good. For me I’ve experienced a lot of big games – I’ve played two grand finals back in the NRL. The first one I think I probably played just enjoyed it too much. I still played pretty good but I think it was just being a younger player, I was just enjoying that moment. I learned a lot from it so when in 2017 we made the grand final again and it was all about enjoying the moment.

“You learn not to overplay and not play the game too early. For our team, I think that would be the most important thing. Being a young squad as well, I think the leadership group, the guys that have been in big games, we’ll play a massive part in how we prepare and how our mindset is this week. That’s probably the big thing for us is to be able to control that and not play it too early.”